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Mario Ranedda


Cell phone:

+39 335 - 6014352



Via Culuccia snc, 
Loc. Porto Pozzo, SS 07028

Date of birth:

August 13, 1958

Something about me...

Back in 1978, when I started my adventure in the world of professional diving, I never thought of embarking on a journey that would allow me to travel the world and actually work and sail the seven seas.

Today, after so many deep water saturations, I can make all my experience available to my customers in a lively and stimulating context like the one of northern Sardinia.

Working experience









1986 - 1987







La Maddalena Technical Nautical Institute Diploma.

Patent Navy Varignano diver works shallow water.

Olbia , port constructions.

Cesenatico , platform cleaning and ultrasound.

Deep sea diver specialization saturation-mixtures, certificate issued by the Lombardy Region for SUB SEA OIL SERVICE.

Egypt , SAIPEM launches marine oil pipelines.

Civitanova Marche , ELF launches oil pipelines.

Congo , SUB SEA OIL SERVICE platform maintenance. Platform installation with MICOPERI.

Borneo , SUB SEA OIL SERVICE platform maintenance.     Platform installation with MICOPERI.

Santa Teresa Gallura , port works.

Lignano Sabbiadoro , ECOIMPIANTI SRL Sea line burial.

Creation of "RANEDDA MARIO" underwater works company.

Congo, RA.NA SPA. 

Angola , ELF mono buoy maintenance.

Molfetta, TSTECNOSPAMEC recovery of toxic poisons from the “Alessandro I” motor ship.

Vasto , CNS AVENZA works in the Adriatic Sea with "Ragno 2" SAIPEM, oil pipeline maintenance.

Vasto , CNS AVENZA works as above.

Crotone , CNS AVENZA, oil pipeline maintenance with Ragno 2 SAIPEM.

Trinidad and Tobago , Caribbean sea installation of platforms with “Castoro 8”.

Spain , TS TECNOSPAMEC platform maintenance.

Egypt , Red Sea, cutting and recovery of a platform for Smithtaak Holland.

Genoa , CNS AVENZA single buoy maintenance.

Taiwan , TS TECNOSPAMEC oil pipeline maintenance and installation.

Since 1994, after the decision to suspend collaborations abroad, I have concentrated my activity in northern Sardinia, through the individual company RANEDDA MARIO. My work consists in the construction, installation and maintenance of fixed wooden piers and installation and maintenance of floating piers in the various marinas and private piers. In addition to the routine maintenance provided to a long list of regular customers. Here is a list of the most relevant jobs in recent years:

  • 2012  - Sardinia, Navy, Marifari, maintenance of the elastic beacons of Sardinia.

  • 2014  - Santa Teresa Gallura, remaking of the quay section for the ferry landing on the S. Teresa / Bonifacio line.

  • 2015  - Golfo Aranci, lengthening of the quay for docking ferries.

  • 2016  - Porto Pozzo, SINTONIA Srl, installation and commissioning of floating docks in Marina di Porto Pozzo

  • 2017  - Porto Rotondo, BAUFIN Srl, construction, installation and commissioning of a fixed dock.

  • 2018  - Porto Cervo, expansion and consolidation of fixed quay for maxi Yacht mooring.

  • 2019  -  Santa Teresa Gallura, preliminary shooting support for Disney films.

  • 2020 - Capo Testa marine area - Punta Falcone, Sub-contract for installation of maxi buoys for delimitation of protected areas.

  • 2021  - Arzachena, delimitation of bathing areas for Costa Smeralda beaches. 

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