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We started our family run business over 30 years ago and were the first to organise daily excursions to the archipelago of La Maddalena and the Corsican archipelago. Since then we have focused on delivering the best possible experience to all of our customers by introducing you to parts of the sea and nature that are unlike anything you have experienced before. Our boat is safe, comfortable, family friendly and spacious. We have excellent views from all parts of our boat to ensure you do not miss a thing and have the best experience at sea with us. A large portion of our business comes from returning costumers. Year after year we are their number 1 choice because at the end of the day they leave our excursions with the same happiness and satisfaction as their first experience with us. Although we have a spacious boat the number of passengers we accommodate per day is limited. This is so we are not overcrowded and you can have plenty of room to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Besides the beautiful scenery one of our customers favourite parts of the excursion is lunch time. Our captain (and chef) will satisfy your appetite with our signature dish  "pennette" accompanied with mussels and cuttlefish sauce plus our second dish "muscles alla marinara". We pair these dishes with an ice cold white wine or bottled water if you prefer. For dessert we offer our guests a taste of Mirto, a typical Sardinian liquor and a tasty Italian espresso. Our boat, the beloved and old “North West”, has been with us for many years. However we have recently replaced this for another fishing boat 20 meters in length. We could not have had another name for our new and improved boat but “North West 2”. The North West 2 has been readapted and refurbished to ensure we have the quality to deliver the best experience and comfort. Our focus is on great customer service and warm hospitality.

Cala Corsara
Spiaggia di Cala Corsara
Barca Nord Ovest II
Faro di Lavezzi - Lavezzi Lighthouse

Our itineraries

Archipelago of La Maddalena


During the trip you will visit the islands of Spargi and Budelli, where you can relax on some of the most fascinating beaches in the entire archipelago.

Corsican archipelago


During the trip you will visit the island of Lavezzi and the island Piana, as different as they are but equally beautiful. 

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