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New for 2024!

We have created this page with the intent to present you a preview of what will be the news of next season. Here you can take a first look at everything we are working on and also get an idea of our most recent history.


Ranieri Cayman 19"

For 2024 we will replace two Ranieri Cayman 19" present in the fleet since 2018 and 2019 with two 2024 inflatable boats in order to always keep the quality of our offer at the top!

Isola di Caprera - Cala Napoletana

New for 2023!

Ranieri Cayman 19" Sport


Ranieri Cayman 19"

Not satisfied with the service provided by the little ones in our fleet, the Ranieri 18", we decided to eliminate them and offer to our customers the best possible experience. Starting from June 2023  our without license fleet will be composed of 6 meters boats only and 3 brand new Ranieri Cayman 19".


Ranieri 19" swim platforms

After the negative feedback received regarding the boarding ladders, we decided to install very useful stern platforms with telescopic ladders on all our Ranieri 19" boats. Now coming up from the water is much easier for everyone!

Logo Ranieri International
Isola di Spargi Cala Brigantina

New for 2022!

Ranieri Cayman 21" Sport


Ranieri Cayman 21 "

Aware that the quality level of our entry level with license was not up to par with the rest of our fleet, we have decidedly focused on the Ranieri Cayman 21 "for 2022.


Joker Boat Coaster 650 Plus

After 6 years we have decided to replace one of our customers' most loved inflatable boats, the Lomac 675. However, we believe that with the 650 Plus our offer has been strengthened from all points of view!

Joker Boat Coaster 650 Plus
Arcipelago di La Maddalena - Piscine naturali

New for 2021!

Pontile di Ormeggio


North West Pier!

After 30 years of installing pontoons all over the north coast of Sardinia ... we will finally build ours too!

What was that story about shoemakers' shoes like?


Ranieri Cayman 19 "

Good news: to take our license free offer to the highest quality we will add 3 Cayman 19 "to our fleet!

Bad news: just a pity that Yamaha has decided to present a black livery for the 40 Hp Getl.

And nothing, we have succumbed to the dark side ...

Motore Yamaha 40 CV GETL
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